The Serpent’s Shadow

Before Eve, there was Lilith… and Lilith, chose not to adhere to man’s conventional expectations of her. THE original rebel and symbol of ultimate feminine rebellion – banished from Eden, eventually to be labled a demon, a witch, a “night monster”.

In this world first (funded by Arts Council England) – a large-scale theatrical burlesque spectacle, Eliza uses a skilfully orchestrated shadow dance / quick-change, to take you Eden and then pull you with her into a world of darkness, magic and feminine transformation! Beginning with a classic 1930’s inspired feather fan dance, Eliza disrobes entirely, before vanishing behind a magic curtain, leading you into a world of shadow play and costume quick change magic.

This act is available in its full, theatre stage prop form, and also in a smaller, fan dance only version (without the prop & shadow quick change).